Live Video Streaming Glitch :)

I’m such a code newbie but with the help of Processing and friends, I finally finally managed to code glitches into live videos. The concept being a commentary on how digital images are taken with such carelessness as compared to the preciousness of analog photographs – the code extracts information from the camera only when you click the mouse to capture an image and it will only take one good image and the rest become glitched. (These files are saved onto your computer)

The base of this project has been about translation – the translation of reality to image, the translation of photographs to digital mediums, finally ‘remediation’ and the translation of analog process to digital processes. Analog processes are beautiful in their ‘preciousness’, the act of taking an analog photograph is a conscious and considered one, but the introduction of digital photography has taken away the ‘KODAK Moment’ of photography. People take images almost like they are taking a video, and pick one out of the thousands that they capture. My outcome aims to play with that digital-medium-generated process – not remove the carelessness, but shed thought upon it.

Though I met with some technical issues with my last desired outcome – I actually think this worked out in the end! Previously I had wanted to allow images to deteriorate online to reverse the permanence of a digital image uploaded, but Processing requires quite a bit of work to allow saving of files (much less corrupted files) onto the net and the code required that… Shaun from the tech lab tried to help me out (good guy he is) but we couldn’t figure out a solution after 2 hours.

This solution however hits a different, but I think more pertinent point about ‘remediation’ and the differences in process between digital and analog photography. I enjoyed the transference/ iteration of process from analog into digital to make my point.

Reflection on the process of coding:
It’s quite interesting being shut out in the ‘darkroom’ that is the coding window. I make calculated moves, I swim in uncertainty, it’s a different set of processes borne out of a new process. This is precisely the point I made earlier about how we shouldn’t be caught up in the past because with each photographic (or any) medium, comes a new set of processes, aesthetic, and structure. The sense of satisfaction of finally coming to an outcome in coding is akin to the photograph emerging from the silver halide. Pretty bone-chilling and done in the confines of a very limited space (my screen) – I love all the parallels that are happening here.

This has almost created a platform for something new I think, which is pretty mind-blowing – would love to do a performance using this piece of code and live.glitch a dance of sorts about cyclical ‘forgettance’ brought about by the pace of life nowadays.


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