Recreating glitches…

Duplicating glitched bits on a photograph and excluding the parts that were still in place.
 I drew a portrait of a person I met at Starbucks – the ‘glitched’ bits are parts I didn’t complete because Starbucks closed.
Glitched it a little further as a metaphor for memory.
Parts that leaked through the back of the paper.
The basis of a digital image is code, zeroes and ones that make up the pixels. Glitches can be intentional or unintentional. By repurposing the ‘raw material’ of a digital image with pen and paper, the crevice in between virtual reality and reality is explored. The photographic image of this creation further layers and complicates the nature of the image. The parallels between glitches and memory/discarded knowledge is apparent – and serves a completely different role when places in the context of a portrait.

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