The material/non-material of a digital image is code. Zeroes and ones are the genetic make-up of a digital image. The infallible nature, the impossibility/inability of degradation accords it a kind of antipathetic immortality. This antipathy towards perfection and immortality is exhibited in Glitch Art – much of it seeks to destruct binary code, and the materiality of the digital image.
The lifespan of a digital image is eternal – especially on the internet which opens up endless reproductive possibilities. My idea explores the disintegration of the image’s livelihood and imposes parallels between a digital photograph and the printed image. The solution is to create a graveyard of images that self destruct over time.
Progress so far with the idea


Initial sketches in Illustrator:

Using Processing as a start and code from B. Gaulon and the help from some friends:
My darkroom – the text editor

Next steps:


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