New Buzz About Camera Culture

“Computational photography is an emerging multi-disciplinary field that is at the intersection of optics, signal processing, computer graphics and vision, electronics, art, and online sharing in social networks. The first phase of computational photography was about building a super-camera that has enhanced performance in terms of the traditional parameters, such as dynamic range, field of view, or depth of field…”

This is the direction that photography is moving towards. Technology has always been about expanding the scope of human capability – what more we can do with a lesser amount of time and effort. This is also the direction technology will keep moving towards.

I don’t wish to cloud my arguments with a sense of undying nostalgia for the past and how we’ve moved on because with every new generation, it is always about looking forward and incorporating good bits of the past into the present. Also, every kind of technology creates a new set of aesthetics, each camera/way of capturing image produces a different kind of finish and a different kind of beauty.With regards to the swanky new cameras that are about to pop up, they’ll come with different sets of materials, products, components, navigation et cetera that will inform the visual language of the ‘now’.

Every camera has its place in history.


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